Amid COVID-19, CyberMaxx™ Releases Extensive, Timely Research on the Future of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Erin Kennedy

When we adjust to our "new normal" after COVID-19, is your healthcare organization protected against the increasing threats facing your new business operations?

Emerging medical delivery models and changing consumer demands have increased vulnerabilities in data security and patient care. "The Future of Cybersecurity in Healthcare," details these vulnerabilities and guides expectations for the years to come.

"Together with several highly respected partners in the healthcare industry, CyberMaxx has produced the most comprehensive report this industry has ever seen," says Thomas Lewis, CEO of CyberMaxx. "This is one of the most important times of our history to be vigilant with healthcare cybersecurity practices."

As healthcare technology evolves during the pandemic to make medical information more accessible to physicians, patients and administrators, bad actors are exploiting these new protocols to infiltrate healthcare institutions. Healthcare cyberattacks are more common than ever; some medical systems have reported billions of attempted attacks per year – a rate predicted to only worsen.

"As healthcare cybersecurity professionals, we must maximize our security posture while minimizing disruptions to ensure patients do not suffer the ramifications of healthcare IT vulnerabilities. This is difficult and complex, but we will rise to the challenge," says Thomas Lewis.

"The Future of Cybersecurity in Healthcare," investigates the current state of healthcare cybersecurity to uncover the most cutting-edge medical innovations and cybersecurity threats so you are prepared to triage risks as effectively as possible.

Download the complete report today for free.

Topics: MSSP, managed security services, healthcare, healthcare IT, HIPAA, SOC, certifications

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